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Top 8 Best 3D Pens For Kids in 2022

best 3D pens for kids-image from pixababy ReinerKomuchen
There are many kinds of the best 3d pens for kids to choose from. The best 3d pens are mainly between price ranges between $50 – $150. I have reviewed 3d pens for the kids below. Always opt to purchase a 3D pen that suits your child.
3d  pen can be used to draw on paper with melted plastic. The printing temperature of a 3d pen is generally above 200 degrees Celsius, and it is hot enough to turn the ABS or PLA plastic filament into liquid form. The ink can be drawn out by the nozzle or “printing” head of the pen and then cooled down quickly to form a solid plastic line.
3d pens that are specifically designed for children to use by themselves. They’re safe enough to be used by kids, without any injury hazard on the children even long period of using. 3D pens for kids can help children not only in art and craft projects at home, but also in school projects and activities. 3D pens for kids can improve children’s capability of coordination and creativity.

The 8 Best 3d Pen For Kids

3Doodler is the best  3d  pen,  well-known all over the world. This pen is designed especially to make things easy, it lets you create models of almost anything with freehand motions. It’s very suitable for schools and classrooms. Its features include:
  • High-quality ABS plastic filaments,
  • 3 mm ABS standard filament included with USB Power.
  • No Battery required. Easy plug & play, easy to operate.
The Scribbler is the best  3D pen,  rated higher than its main rivals in the market because of its stability & consistency. It’s easy to remove the excess filament on this best 3d pen which saves you a lot of time, it has great control over temperature. Its features include:
  •  1-year warranty.
  •  We provide the best  3e  pen online customer service and 24/7 email support.
  • Best 3d pen filament: ABS plastic filament 1.75 mm, 10g each spool.
  • The best 3d pen size & weight: 30cm x 7cm x 5cm, 0.4kg. Specifications:
  • Temperature range: 126 to 246 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Speed control: 100% continuous speed variation adjustable by the rotary knob on Scribbler V’s body.
best 3D pen for kid-image from pixabay

best 3D pen for kid-image from pixabay

The Mynt3D was designed to be a quality best 3d  pen at a reasonable price, it can produce high definition and detailed prints due to its high power. The exterior of this best 3d  pen is made from hard plastic, which provides a better grip while in use. These features include Mynt3D :
  • Ease of use: Suitable with both children & adults, no operation difficulty.
  • Low maintenance cost: No special maintenance required, 
  • easy to use, all you need is just change filament by yourself.
  • Well compatible: Supports most operating systems such as Windows, Mac, and Linux.
  • We provide Scribbler V online customer service and 24/7 email support.

4. Autobot

This Autobot best  3d  pen has been made for children. This Autobot can do well with ABS / PLA filaments. You can create large objects easily due to its large printing area. 
Upgraded CreoPop is not another normal best 3d pen, instead, you just have to touch the screen, and it will immediately begin to ooze out a nice warm or cool light-sensitive plastic which hardens as it’s exposed to air. It’s easy and safe to use because it doesn’t need much attention, no uncomfortable heating wire part.
This is another best 3d pen that is also one of the cheapest among all the top pens that I have reviewed. The design looks pretty cute, being in yellow with blocky lines. It is very well-made and sturdy, though it doesn’t look like it could break easily. It has a dial to adjust its speed which can be turned from low to high pretty easily, so you don’t have to worry about the pen being hard to use or hard to control.
This best 3d pen is one of the most innovative and coolest looking. With this kind of design, then I would definitely say that it looks more professional than other kinds of 3d pens in terms of design. It makes use of LED lighting and many others.
The design of this best 3d pen seems like something that would make any kid happy with its interesting candy-like style design. Although, the build quality is not perfect when compared to others. It has an adjustable speed dial, so you can control the speed, which might be a good experience when learning how to use it. Don’t worry much about wasting filaments or burning yourself or your clothes.
best 3D pen for your kids-image from pixababy by ambagysasi

best 3D pen for your kids-image from pixababy by ambagysasi

This is my favorite pick for number 1, simply because it’s not like other typical best 3d pens. Instead, this one seems different from its actual size or height. It’s the best 3d pen for kids that you can afford. This best 3d pen also allows any filament type such as ABS, PLA, HIPS, and many more to use instead of sticking with 1 specific type of filament. This pen is best under $100 and is lightweight and easy to control. Anyone can easily get used to this kind of best 3d pen device. The 3d pen for kids is also very affordable. It has a heating nozzle system that makes it easy to install or remove any filament with ease, without too much hassle.


Most people will be familiar with the name “Sharpie” when talking about markers or sharpies in general, which you can use to write on a canvas or your favorite shirt. With many pens on the market, the best 3d pens for kids have been designed to look like a sharpie. Although it does not come with an adjustable speed dial system, this best 3d pen will still be effective and easy to use.

2 .Lixpen” 

These best 3d pens seem like a powder box type of design, although some people say that it looks like a chocolate bar due to its size and appearance. The build quality makes it one of the best 3d pens at its best around the world. It is also very light, so it would be comfortable to use the best 3d pens for kids whenever you are creating your best 3d art pieces.
The above listed are the top “best 3d pens” I think exist in 2017-2022 that would be good choices for best 3d pen kits or starter packs. Each has different features & specifications which might suit certain needs, tastes, and budgets better. Some of the best 3d pens for kids have been trending due to their low price and high quality.


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