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12 Best School Supplies For College (2022)

best school supplies for college

If you’re headed to college, the best way to prepare is by filling up your list of needed school supplies. With classes in session and dorm rooms getting into the pre-organizational mode, then look no further than this list, which can serve as a one-stop-shop for best school supplies.

Best School Supplies For College

1. Notebook

A best school supply list is not complete without a notebook. The best thing about notebooks is that you can find them in any shape, color, and design. If you are more of the visual type of person, then opt for notebooks with designs on them. There are also college supplies available online that offer customized notebooks with your own logo, name, and even picture. This best school supply will suit your needs for taking down lecture notes and more.

2. Pens and pencils

The best school supply list wouldn’t be as good as it should without the best writing instrument – pen and pencils! For those who prefer to take down notes in class, the best school supplies have the best writing utensils. There are also school supplies available online that offer various types of pens and pencils with different designs. These best writing tools will suit your needs for taking down lecture notes and more.

3. Highlighters

Marking areas that you need to remember or important areas in your best school supplies is best done with highlighters. There are the best school supplies available online which offer the best quality best school supplies for college students – pens, pencils, and highlighters. This best writing tool will suit your needs for taking down lecture notes and more. It comes in different colors to best highlight your notes. This school supply will help you locate the relevant information quickly because it highlights them beautifully without making them look too distracting or messy.

4. Calculator

A calculator is perfect for math students and those who have a lot of numbers to deal with, whether it’s for a class or a business project. This will make answering complicated math problems easier for college students.

5. Desk Lamp

For the best lighting, college students should invest in desk lamps because their dorm room’s bed light isn’t enough to brighten things up when it comes to studying or doing assignments at night or in low-light areas. Desk lamps are designed to be adjustable which best suits those who study at night.

6. Clips & Paperclips

Clipboards are best for clipping important handouts, pages, and other important documents. It can be used in marking areas best for highlighting. Paperclips are the best school supplies for connecting loose papers or important pages together. It is also used best in bookmarking reference materials and more.

7. Laptop

best school supplies for college

A laptop is a necessity when it comes to college students. It is used for taking down lecture notes, doing project presentations, working on group projects, and more. There are times when taking notes by hand in large lecture classes can be hard because professors speak so quickly. Using the built-in microphone to record lectures is a good thing to do. A laptop, on the other hand, can record a lot more information in a lot less time and with a lot less work than a paper recorder can. Professors also make their PowerPoint presentations and digital notes available to students, so they can write down what they see on their laptops as they watch the class, too. It is often cheaper to buy an electronic copy of a textbook than to buy a printed copy.

8. Backpack

College students need backpacks for carrying notebooks, pens, pencils, calculators, and more around campus. If you are the type of student who gets any backpack easily dirty or wet, then opt for the backpacks made of the best quality materials. Backpacks can get dirty during the semester, so buy something waterproof or made up of materials that are easy to clean.

9. Blue Light Blocking Glasses

If you are the type of student who doesn’t sleep early because you finish studying late at night, the best school supplies that protect your eyes from blue light will be best for college students. It helps lessen the strain best for those who constantly use computers and other gadgets to study or do their projects.

10. Automatic Pencil Sharpener

College students are constantly sharpening their pencils. It becomes easier for school supplies to sharpen your pencils with automatic pencil sharpeners. You can save time, too, because you don’t have to exert effort in sharpening your best school supplies every now and then.

11. Stapler and Hole Punch

Having a stapler and hole punch is important to school supplies best for college students. Staplers are used for binding together loose sheets of paper while the hole punch is used in punching holes on papers. This school supply will hold pages properly, making them look neater than before. When choosing school supplies, you should consider the size of the stapler and hole punch.

12. Printer

best school supplies for college

Printers are helpful tools for college students because school projects and reports can get long, so printing them out on paper makes sense. Some school supplies available online offer wireless printers that can be shared with other students in an apartment or school dorm room setting. Multiple page printers allow you to print multiple pages at a time and some graphics.

Printing will be best for college students because some school supplies are only offered in print. It is important to invest in a cheap printer that can do high-resolution printing. The cheapest printers mostly don’t have the best quality ink cartridges, so it is better to invest in higher quality school supplies with refillable ink cartridges.

Final thoughts

College supplies can make school workloads easier for students. It is best to invest in school supplies that are made of quality materials because they last longer than school supplies that are not made up of quality materials. If possible, look into school supply deals sold by school stores for more savings. It’s time you invest in the best school supplies for college. So, start investing in school supplies that can get your schoolwork done properly.

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