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The Best Dogs For College Students: Top 12

best dogs for college students

Do you have a long summer break ahead or will you be starting college soon? You might want to consider bringing your best friend into your life. Choosing the best dogs for college students may be a difficult task.

Dogs provide companionship and unconditional love that humans crave. They help keep students from feeling homesick as they grow accustomed to living away from home for the first time. Having a dog is like having a best friend that follows you around.

They are also considered men’s best friends, loving unconditionally without asking for anything in return. Dogs are more loyal than some humans! Most of them are friendly with other animals and would never intentionally hurt anyone. These qualities make dogs the perfect best friends for college students. If you’ve been thinking about bringing home a best friend, the best dog for you may be a canine best friend.

Here’s an overview of some great choices of the best dogs for college students.

Best Dogs For College Students

1. Labrador retriever

These beautiful dogs can be your devoted friends who will be there for you when you need them the most. They need to stay active all the time to burn off some of their energy, but the good news is that they are usually friendly.

They are very quick to learn and won’t be a problem for students who have a lot of things going on. As long as you give your lab the right food, you’ll have a good friend through your college years.

This breed is gentle and patient with children, young and old. Labs love to swim and walk and would make excellent walking companions at the mall or around the neighborhood.

2. Golden Retriever

best dogs for college students

For a good reason, golden retrievers are one of the most popular dog breeds. They are so loving that they will melt your heart, but they are also a lot of fun and interesting. They are also very smart and love to please their owners, which makes them one of the most trainable breeds in the world.

Before you buy a golden, you should think about how hard it will be to keep your dog happy and your sanity in check.

This is because golden retrievers are very active and need a lot of space, so you’ll have to take them to the park every day. In the same way, they will be sad to see you leave each morning. A golden retriever, on the other hand, maybe good for people who live in large homes with many other people.

This breed is best known for its friendly, gentle, and loving personality. They are intelligent dogs that are loyal to their owners and are easy to train. Golden retrievers love attention from everyone they meet!

3. Bernese mountain dog

This large, sturdy breed best suits students that have a large backyard. They need a lot of exercises and will most appreciate being able to play fetch in the yard when they have free time from homework.

4. Boxer

These are very energetic, fun-loving dogs that would best suit students who enjoy playing with their best friends before the class begins. They can be protective of their owners, making them great guard dogs.

5. Bulldog

This breed best suits students who are looking for an easy-to-care-for, low-maintenance best friend that doesn’t require a lot of exercises. Bulldogs love to lay around and watch TV with their owners! They will certainly appreciate having a soft place to rest after playing hard in the yard all day.

6. Cavalier King Charles

This small breed best suits students who love to cuddle and play with their best friends. They are gentle-tempered, affectionate dogs that best enjoy being the center of attention from anyone they meet!

7. Dachshund

This friendly, loyal breed best suits students that want a best friend they can take with them on road trips. Dachshunds love to explore and best appreciate a car ride!

8. Pug

This friendly, playful breed best suits students that want a best friend to cuddle with while watching TV or reading a book. Pugs love food and best enjoy eating right next to their owners!

9. Beagle

This friendly, intelligent breed best suits students that want a best friend who will bark to alert them of anyone approaching their home. Beagles love to explore and best appreciate long walks or jogs along the beach!

10. Shih Tzu

best dogs for college students

People who go to college tend to like small breeds, and the Shih Tzu is without a doubt one of the cutest small breeds you can get.

The Shih Tzu is a good dog to have if you are a college student who lives in a small apartment. Because they don’t have a lot of energy, they usually only need to go for a short walk every day to meet their exercise needs.

Shih Tzus can also handle some alone time, which is one of their best traits. Most of the time, these proud little dogs will fit in well with your schedule and keep your house clean while you’re away.

Shih Tzus do need to be groomed on a regular basis, and you’ll want to keep an eye on your new pet’s weight because these dogs can get fat as they get older. Make sure you don’t spoil him with too many treats or give him too much human food. This is a good idea no matter what kind of dog you get. Human food often makes a dog’s stomach hurt, and some human foods can even be dangerous.

This small, gentle breed best suits students who like to cuddle with their best friends before falling asleep. Shih Tzus are gentle and best appreciate long naps on comfortable pillows.

11. Labradoodle

This intelligent, friendly breed best suits students who want a best friend that doesn’t mind all the attention they get from everyone they meet! Labradoodles love to play with their owners and most appreciate downtime where they get to curl up on their best friend’s lap for some quality nap time.

12. Pembroke Welsh Corgi

This friendly, smart breed best suits students who love spending time with their best friend in the park or at the local dog run. Pembroke Welsh Corgis love to play with everyone and most enjoy playing games like tug-of-war!

Final thoughts

There are many great dogs for college students to choose from. No matter what breed best suits your personality, make sure you do lots of research before adopting a best friend to ensure they will best suit your lifestyle as a busy student.

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