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Playful Perfection: Elevate Your Baby Shower with Fun Games and Printables

Baby shower.

A baby shower marks a joyous occasion, uniting family and friends to partake in the anticipation of impending parenthood. To add laughter and create lasting memories to your baby shower, contemplate including entertaining games that not only break the ice but also contribute to unforgettable moments. These can even be done at a virtual baby shower! To make baby shower planning a breeze, we’ve curated a list of delightful baby shower games along with links to free printables, ensuring that every detail is taken care of.

1. Baby Bingo:

Turn the traditional bingo game into a baby shower game! Distribute bingo cards featuring baby-related terms like “diapers,” “pacifier,” and “crib.” As the mom-to-be opens her gifts, guests mark off items on their cards. The first to complete a line shouts “Bingo!” Check out our Baby Bingo Printable to get started.

2. Guess the Baby Food:

Put taste buds to the test with this entertaining game. Remove labels from jars of baby food, and have guests guess the flavor based on taste alone. This is my favorite most hilarious baby shower game. Our Guess the Baby Food Printable provides a handy sheet for recording everyone’s predictions.

3. Baby Animal Match:

Challenge your guests’ knowledge of animal offspring with this amusing game. Pair up animals with their corresponding baby names. Our Baby Animal Match Printable is ready to download for an effortlessly enjoyable activity.

4. Wishes for Baby:

Encourage heartfelt sentiments with the “Wishes for Baby” activity. Provide guests with printable cards where they can write down their wishes and advice for the baby and parents. Collect these cards in a keepsake box for the mom-to-be to cherish. Access our Wishes for Baby Printable to get started.

5. Diaper Raffle:

Combine practicality with fun by hosting a diaper raffle. Include raffle tickets with your invitations, and guests who bring a pack of diapers get a chance to win a prize. Our Diaper Raffle Printable simplifies the process of managing entries.

6. Who Knows Mommy Best?:

Test your guests’ knowledge of the mom-to-be with a trivia game.  Our Who Knows Mommy Best? Printable adds an extra layer of engagement to this lighthearted activity.

7. Celebrity Baby Names:

Provide a list of celebrity baby names and challenge guests to match each baby name with its famous parent. Our Celebrity Baby Names Printable is a great starting point for this entertaining diversion.

Elevate the happiness and togetherness at your baby shower with these delightful games, enhanced by our complimentary printables.

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