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Top 6 Best Cats For Kids!

best cats for kids

Not every cat is best for kids. There are specific cats best suited for homes with kids. There are several factors that you should consider before buying a cat for your kid. The things listed below are the best cats for kids that will surely make them happy and enjoy their lives staying at home. Let’s take a look at the top 6 best cats for homes with your kids.

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Factors to Consider When Buying Cats For Kids

Kittens Vs Adult Cats

The best choice of kitten breed would depend on whether it’s going to be a house pet or going outdoor after training? If your home has little children then getting the best cat breeds that have short hair is the best idea because they will need less grooming, but if you want cats that go outside then you will have to buy a medium-length coat just shaggy enough not to climb trees easily. Shorthair cats tend to be more friendly and require less care than other types!

Color Choice

Although it will not affect pet behavior but choosing a color that matches your interiors would be a good idea because cats with different colors and multi-colors tend to make more hue and cry while playing thus disturbing everyone else in the house while people living in apartments may want ‘best calm cat breeds’ so as to reduce noise levels.

Cat Personality

Cats can either be shy or friendly, mean or gentle; it all depends on their breeding process including both parents’ behavior traits. The first three months make kittens best friends! So, get the best cat breed that you feel will match best with your personality. Cats with short hair are more likely to be friendlier than cats with long hair since they require less care and grooming


The catnip is another factor of consideration in bringing home something famous for its “catnip” effect best on them! You can bring home a scratching post, or scratching mat that will not only save your furniture from being scratched but also provide your pet with an opportunity to do what they do best- scratch.

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best cats for kids

Litter Box

On the other hand, you must choose an environment where their litter box is conveniently placed since they are afraid of new textures and surfaces which make it difficult for them to find their way to the litter pan. So, before bringing home cats make sure you have a cat litter box at a convenient place away from kids’ bedrooms!

Cat Training Classes

Training classes would be a great idea if you want white color on your attire because these creatures have the best of learning tricks! So, before buying a cat check whether it has training classes or not?

Cat Food

Before bringing home cats do your research for the best choice of cat food because different breeds have different dietary needs. Some are big eaters while others can live on two to three cans of food per day so you need to decide which one is right for you and your pet.

Best Choice of Toys

Cats require playtime just like they require grooming time so always keep their interest alive by playing with them every day with their favorite toys including feathers on a string, small balls, etc. If you ever see your kids sharing their play then they would love to spend the best time with them because they are very friendly, especially if you spend quality time with your pet.

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Cats require playtime so you need to keep their interest alive by playing with them every day. If you ever see your kids sharing their play then they would love to spend best with them because they are very friendly, especially if you spend quality time with your pet!


Cats are prone to diseases just like children so try to take them to the vet once every month just to keep everything in check. They have bath requirements that’s why most of the cat breeds need grooming which ultimately affects their personality. So, best choose a cat breed that likes getting attention from owners and does not need grooming every day!

Scratching Post

Cats require playtime just like they require grooming time. So always keep their interest alive by playing with them every day with their favorite toys including feathers on the string, small balls, etc. If you ever see your kids sharing their play then they would love to spend best with them. This is because they are very friendly, especially if you spend quality time with your pet.

Top 6 Best Cats For Kids!

1.) American Shorthair

American shorthairs are also called domestic shorthairs, best known in the past as working cats on farms. These lovable creatures can be 2- 2/12 pounds fully grown and come with different color variations including calico or pointed colors, silver tabby or brushed coat colors, black white ticked tabby patterns, red-tabby color combinations, etc.

Since they are playful by nature you can expect them to interact well with your little child. American Shorthair cats have short hair.  They only require low-maintenance grooming sessions. You just need to comb their fur once in a while. They are best known for their gentle temperament; they love cuddling and playing with children, especially when they are in the mood.

2) The Siberian

The Siberian is one of the best cats best breed to consider when there are kids at home. Being very friendly, placid, and loving makes them suitable for homes with children much more than any other breed. Even though Siberians weigh around 4-6 pounds fully grown these creatures have long hair which means regular visits to the groomer would be needed to avoid matting problems or infections caused by parasites living in their fur. This is because their grooming needs are different from shorthairs due to the extra volume of fur on them! Bring home a Siberian best cat for kids and expect them to be best buddies!

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best cats for kids

3) Ragdoll

Ragdolls are best known as the best cats for apartments, best for small homes. These loveable creatures have blue eyes which can look stunning on their white coat. They have the best personality among other breeds being very gentle and calm; they will never scratch or cause injury to your kids if properly trained from an early age.

Their extra-thick fur makes grooming sessions once every week mandatory along with regular bathing. These furry friends tend to accumulate dirt like anything if not groomed regularly! If you ask me, I’d say bring home a ragdoll best cat breed if you want one best suited for houses with children.

4) The Russian Blue

The Russian Blue is best known for their hair which is considered best by many people because of its color, texture, and length. They weigh around 6-8 pounds fully grown with short hair which makes grooming sessions much less often than other cats, thus they are the best choice for homes with kids where parents are not willing to invest much time or money in maintaining the pet well-groomed. This breed comes with personality traits like intelligence, friendliness, calmness, playing abilities that make them best for families!

5) The Maine Coon

The Maine coons are best known as another family-oriented best cat breed. Having long fur that needs regular best cat grooming to avoid knotting and best pet care. Being best for kids due to their loving nature makes them the best choice if you are planning the best cat breed for homes with children. They can weigh up to 18 pounds which means they would be best suited for families living in large houses!

6) Birmans

Birmans are best known as the best sedate cats that have well-developed personalities. Along with being intelligent, friendly, and gentle making them the best friendly cat breeds perfect at home having kids! These creatures are among the slowest maturing segments of best cats, reaching full size within three years. However, this long time gap between birth to maturity is compensated well by their calm nature. Since Birmans are best known as non-aggressive cats, they are best suited for homes with kids.

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Final Thoughts

Investing in the best cats for kids is never a bad idea for people who love cats. These creatures can be your kids’ best friends if they are properly maintained and interacted with on daily basis. By investing in the right breed it will be easier to maintain the physical conditions of the animal. However, having a pet with loving nature makes them more lovable than any other pet!

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