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8 Best Kids Beds – Complete Buying Guide

best kids beds-image from pixabay by Sagateky
When it comes to deciding on the best kids’ beds,  there are several factors to consider. If you want it to match the rest of the decor, be safe and comfy, and you don’t want to regret your purchase later. Beds that match any kid’s room, regardless of theme, are available.
Bunk beds can also save space if necessary. Remember to measure the bed’s dimensions before buying anything based only on appearance! Hopefully, after reading this article, you will be able to identify what is best suited for your child’s requirements.

Best Kids Beds 

     1)    Twin Trundle Bed

This type of bed is great for younger children who may need another bed in their room for sleepovers or other guests. The trundle can be pulled out from underneath the bottom of the bed and pulled back under with ease during the day.

     2)    Twin Over Full Bunk Bed

The twin-over-twin bed is ideal for younger children who occasionally want to have a friend stay the night. It comprises two twin beds that are side by side, with between them small steps. The nicest aspect about this type of bed is that it also saves room, which is something many young people’s rooms lack.

     3)    Full over Full Bunk Bed

This is the best sort of bunk bed for older children that don’t require another sleeping space or additional storage within their bedroom. It’s perfect for youngsters who want to share a room with another youngster, and each has its own bed. The nicest part about this type of bunk bed is that it may accommodate two full-size mattresses on the bottom and top. This saves money over buying separate beds to fit those dimensions.

     4)    Loft Bed

Loft bed might be used for a variety of things, including as a desk or storage space below where your child’s toys or other belongings can stay out of sight. Because it provides additional storage within the room without taking up the floor area. This is ideally suited for older children’s rooms, usually those in high school. It also makes cleaning your kid’s room much easier when they’re little.
best kids bed-image from pixabayby StillWorksImagery

best kids bed-image from pixabayby StillWorksImagery

     5)    Day Bed

 This day bed is one of the best kids beds for children with different ages. Older youngsters who don’t want to sleep in their bedroom all the time or have a tiny space for a twin-size mattress might appreciate a day bed. It may also be used as extra seating and create a more social area within the space.

     6)    Waterproof Mattresses

 These are best suited for younger children’s rooms where accidents are more likely to happen or if your child has incontinence issues. You never know when an accident will occur, so having this protection beneath them will help you save money and hassle.

     7)    Trundle Bed

 When your son or daughter is ready to leave the crib, but you’re not quite ready for them to have their own bed yet, a trundle bed might be best. It’s best suited for younger children when accompanied by a waterproof mattress protector. You can buy or make one that matches the décor of the room, and it will look like an ordinary bed until they are ready to use it. This is one of the best kids beds in 2022.

     8)    Over-the-Bed Drawers

 Children will love having this kind of storage unit because it provides them with more area to store toys, plush animals, books, and other items. You may also use this as additional seating if required. This makes it ideal for older children’s bedrooms, although younger youngsters won’t mind it.

Other bedding required apart from kids bed

Blankets & Sheets

Beds with mattresses are the most popular choices for newborns, but you can also get cradle-style or glider/rocker beds. Mattress toppers should not be used on a twin bed because they do not fit properly and may cause suffocation if your infant’s face is covered.
You must make sure that the fitted sheets will fit the type of bed your baby uses before purchasing them. If you have a pillow top on your kid’s bed, it might not fit well, therefore check first. Fitted sheets of various types can help you save money on whatever type of bed works best for you. Blankets are most suited to the weather in your area, so double-check the temperature and what keeps your child warm. Make sure you purchase sheets that cover your best kids beds in all corners.

Bumper Pads  

 Bumper pads are best for cribs, as previously stated, but you will find some bumper pads that are shaped like a square. It creates a safe zone within the crib where the baby’s limbs cannot get trapped. They’re secured with straps on both ends of the bed and placed over each side of the mattress from the top. Infants under a year old who are learning to crawl or walk and crawl around the crib should use these bumpers instead of crawling into danger.

Mattress Covers  

 These best fit any type of bed, whether you have incontinence difficulties, have a food allergy, or have sensitive skin. It provides an additional barrier between you and your mattress to prevent stains from any spills that might happen. Ideal for children’s rooms where anything that may cause damage if spilled on the mattress such as paint, markers, juice, etc are present.
If you have more than one kid sharing a room, go with a full or twin-sized mattress that allows them their own bed and saves space in the room. However, if you only have one child, buy an adult-sized bed that best meets your demands.
best kids beds -image from pixabay by Genga_Clicks

best kids beds -image from pixabay by Genga_Clicks

Factors to consider while choosing the best kids bed


If you prefer a high-end price, look toward Temperpedics best kids beds since they are more expensive but have better quality. A used mattress from a trustworthy vendor, such as Craigslist or even used on Facebook, might be your best chance. Do not buy anything online unless you know what sort of bed will best meet your needs and whether it fits the space you have available.


 The size that works for you is determined by the amount of room you have and if you want additional storage within the space. You must ensure there is enough area for two youngsters to play on the bed without it being claustrophobic.

Stability best

If you’re searching for a more adaptable form of furniture that’s ideal for older kids, consider a day bed or a trundle. They’re great for hosting sleepovers if your kid has pals over, as well as doing homework and watching TV. If you want to save space, the rule of not jumping on furniture is another excellent guideline. Do your research to identify the best kids beds before making a purchase.


If your youngster is extremely active and loves leaping on their bed, a firm mattress like the ones listed above from Serta or Temperpedic is best. You may always get the greatest twin or full-size mattress for young kids who sleep mostly at night, don’t move around much, and fit well within a crib.

Number of Kids sharing best    

If you have two children sharing an adult-size bed, place them head to head with a little space between each bed. This allows each room to expand and enjoy the area. The remainder of this post will be discussed in greater detail, but as long as you maintain


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