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How Tall Are Celebrities? 20 Famous Celebrity Heights

celebrity heights

Have you ever looked at someone like Conan O’Brien or Geena Davis and wondered what their star quality is? What about them makes them so dazzling both on-screen and in front of a crowd? Well, we’re not saying we’ve discovered the secret ingredient to stardom, but we figure height probably plays a major factor. They say the camera adds ten pounds, but it most definitely doesn’t add inches. These celebrities do that all on their own.

Below we’ve compiled a list of 20 different celebrities’ heights that will completely blow your mind. In the real world, which–despite popular belief–does include Hollywood, women tend to grow up to 5’4″ and men top out at 5’9″. You’ll find that, not only are the celebrities on this list above average in terms of height but talent as well.

20 Celebrity Heights that Will Make Your Jaw Drop

1. How Tall is Conan O’Brien?


You might be thinking Conan shouldn’t qualify for the number one spot on our list because his hair probably adds about two inches–and that doesn’t count, right? Of course, no one watching him on TV would be able to tell his true height because he’s always behind a desk, but in reality, the late-night show host is 6’2″. That’s about 2 whole feet taller than the average height for men!

 2. How tall is Jim Carrey?

celebrity_ heights_Jim_Carrey

We all know him. We all love him. Jim Carrey is at the comedic heart of Hollywood, which makes his height reveal relatively unsurprising. Who would have thought the Grinch would clock in at 6’2″?! Ultimately, he’s a true giant–in both the figurative and literal sense.

3. How tall is Geena Davis?

celebrity_ heights_ Geena_Davis

A true icon of her time, Geena Davis is one of those actresses whose performance you don’t soon forget. She’s also one of the tallest female celebrities in Hollywood, standing at just over 6 feet tall!

4. How tall is Nicole Kidman?


Nicole Kidman is the kind of professional that has raised the acting bar for an entire generation. She clocks in at about 5’11”, which is one inch taller than her singer-songwriter husband Keith Urban.

5. How tall is Vince Vaughn?


This comedian definitely stands out in a crowd. Though you won’t hear him making a big deal out of it, at 6’5″, Vince towers over many of his fellow actors.

6. How tall is Khloe Kardashian?

celebrity_ heights_ Khloe_Kardashian

Despite the easily recognizable face, you might not know that Khloe is also one of the tallest of the Kardashian sisters. At 5’10”, she pretty much towers over the majority of her family and cuts a stunning figure on both the red carpet and E! reality TV.

7. How tall is Bill Murray?


Bill Murray is a timeless comedian whose career began on SNL. He’s won awards in several classic films such as Ghostbusters, Groundhog Day, and What About Bob?. Not only is he culturally significant, but he’s physically significant as well, towering at an impressive 6’2″.

8. How tall is Taylor Swift?


With such an astounding record of accomplishments, it’s no surprise that this young pop star owns up to her inches. Standing proud and beautiful at 5’11”, she’s a true exemplar to girls and young women everywhere of what it means to work hard and pave your own path.

9. How tall is Bob Saget?

celebrity_ heights_Bob_Saget

On Full House, you might not have noticed just how tall Bob Saget was in comparison to the adorable little Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, but at 6’4″, he’s definitely no dwarf. His warm sense of humor and unparalleled acting chops, deem him one of the most lovable and recognizable faces in the business.

10. How tall is Sigourney Weaver?


This intergalactic alien-slayer goddess is a giant both on and off the screen, contributing to over 12 different charities and foundations and backing 12 major socio-economic movements. She has made a resounding impact in the world of acting and the world in general. Notably, she is also one of the taller female celebrities on our list, standing at 5’11”.

11. How tall is Julia Roberts?


The Pretty Woman actress is beautiful both inside and out, having worked with organizations like UNICEF, Earth Biofuels, and Hole in the Wall Gang. Her wildly successful acting career has enabled her to make a difference within the acting community and throughout the greater sphere of Hollywood. Roberts stands at an impressive height of 5’10”.

12. How tall is Dwayne Johnson?


Is anyone actually surprised that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is 6’5″? This retired WWE wrestling star is everything fun, happy, and adventurous. You’ll probably recognize him from Jumanji, Baywatch, or The Fast and the Furious franchise. (And if you’re really cultured, you also know him as the Scorpion King.)

13. How tall is Chris Hemsworth?


This God of Thunder would undoubtedly pose a formidable foe to any intergalactic supervillain out there, what with his 6’3″ height, flawless physique, and luscious golden locks. Not only is he an A-list actor and Hollywood namesake, but a full-time father of three as well.

14. How tall is Jane Lynch?


When Jane Lynch is on-screen, there is never a dull moment. The bold and eminent Glee star stands with her head held high at an impressive 6′ flat, and makes every single one of us laugh at her consistently dry humor and relentlessly witty banter while she’s at it.

15. How tall is Will Smith?


This well-known, fun-loving actor is one of the most beloved faces in Hollywood. Will Smith is known to play a wide variety of roles and leading parts in vastly different genres of film. His résumé ranges from Men in Black to The Pursuit of Happiness, and from Hitch to I Am Legend. At 51 years old and a height of 6’2″, he’s definitely still the freshest of Bel-Air princes.

16. How tall is Tyler Perry?


Tyler Perry is a household name, most often used in reference to his hilarious directing and witty screenplays. He’s a Hollywood Hallmark and a wildly accomplished comedian, producer, director, and actor. With a career as big as his, it’s only fitting that he stands proudly at 6’5″ tall.

17. How tall is Jennifer Lawrence?


This Hunger Games star is an impressive 5’7″. That’s nothing compared to her skills with a bow and arrow, of course. Jennifer Lawrence is also widely known for her impressive performances in films such as Silver Linings Playbook, Mother!, and Red Sparrow.

18. How tall is Blake Lively?


Blake Lively is not only drop-dead gorgeous, but gracious, gentle, and warm-hearted as well. The Gossip Girl star is 5’10” and always struts her stuff with stylish elegance. She’s also the one to consistently watch out for on the red carpet, playing a fierce contender for best dressed each and every year.

19. How tall is Jeff Goldblum?


Jeff Goldblum is one of Hollywood’s most bodacious, if not a bit eccentric, male actors. With his dry sense of humor and inconspicuously-timed wisecracks, he’s an absolute delight to watch on the screen–and at 6’4″, he’s definitely got that movie star zing.

20. How tall is Liam Neeson?


Liam Neeson is also a 6’4″ actor, but he is a 6’4″ actor with a very particular set of skills. No matter what film we see him in, Neeson adds just the right amount of smoke-and-mirrors mystery meets Dad-esque familiarity to his performance, making him both a successful Hollywood namesake and an all-time fan favorite.

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20 Slang Terms from the 80’s

80s slang

So maybe Reaganomics and the Just Say No campaign didn’t particularly spike your interest back in the day, but there was much more to the 80s than politics, the Cold War, and the fall of the Berlin Wall. It was a time of big hair, big dreams, and Bon Jovi. If you can look past all of the cringe-worthy neon trends and legwarmers, you’ll find that this decade was also a shining time of phat catchphrases, choice sayings, and totally gnarly slang. If you lived through these years, you know exactly what we’re talking about.

Below we’ve compiled a list of the top 20 most iconic sayings of the decade, from quippy one-liners to full-on nonsense. So if you’re looking to incorporate some totally radical throwback terms into your vocabulary, look no further.

80s Slang that Will Have You Slidin’ Down Your Shades

1. “Cheeuh!”

80s slang 1


This was just another way of saying yes or yeah, but with a scoff and an especially sarcastic tone.

2. “Tubular”

80s slang 2


Though to you it may seem like an exclusive surfer term, the word tubular was synonymous with the word cool to everyone back in the 80s.

3. “Gag me with a spoon!”

80s slang 3


This phrase was used to express disgust. It makes the word gross seem pretty dull in comparison.

4. “Bad”

80s slang 4


If something in the 80s was bad, you knew it was cool or trendy. Good was still good, of course, but bad was also good–makes sense, right?

5. “Bogus!”

80s slang 5


If you know this movie, you probably already know what this word means. Back in the 80s, if you found yourself stuck in or even witnessing a crappy situation, you would describe it as bogus.

6. “Don’t have a cow.”

80s slang 6


This is a funnier way of telling someone to chill out. Kinda weird, right? Apparently, you only really deserved someone saying this to you if you were truly overreacting.

7. “No duh!”

80s slang 7


Seeing as how this is still a commonly used phrase, we already know that you already know what it means–no duh!

8. “Not even!”

80s slang 8


If your answer to something was no, but you wanted to emphasize it, this is what you would say. It’s the 80s equivalent of the 90s saying, “As if!”

9. “Grody!”

80s slang 9


Back in the 80s, there was no more creative and emphatic way to express disgust than this word. Grody was an expression of extreme perturbation.

10. “Like totally!”

80s slang 10


This was a way to answer in the affirmative without really saying yes. For example, would we bring back staple 80s lingo if we could? Like, totally!

11. “Dude/Dudette”

80s slang 11


It’s highly unlikely that you don’t know what this means, but just in case you don’t, we’ve got you covered. A dude or dudette is a particularly chill individual with a knack for chillin’ out and being cool.

12. “What’s your damage?”

80s slang 12


Back in the 80s, it was too much of an imposition to ask what someone’s problem was. You just had to dig a little deeper and accuse them of being emotionally damaged in some way.

13. “Choice”

80s slang 13


This would be used to describe someone or something particularly awesome or amazing. For example, you might say to someone, “That is a choice pair of shoes,” or “Choice ride, dude!”

14. “Gnarly!”

80s slang


If something was described as gnarly, it was a skill you wanted to gain, a product you wanted to have, or a person you wanted to be best friends with. This word described only the coolest of the cool and the awesomest of the awesome.

15. “Rad!”

80s slang 15


Rad is still a widely used term to this day, and boy are we thankful it is! How else would we describe the most awesome parts of life?

16. “Wiggin’/ Wiggin’ out”

80s slang 16


If someone is wiggin’ or wiggin’ out, this gif probably resembles their mental state. Duran Duran is an 80s icon, so his facial expression is a perfect fit for the meaning of the word.

17. “Eat my shorts!”

80s slang 17


If someone were to say this to you, it meant they wanted nothing to do with you. It was a saying popularized by Bart Simpson–yet another example of how big of a deal The Simpsons was back in the 80s.

18. “Fresh”

80s slang 18


This word was used to describe something that was probably extremely new and hip. If something was fresh, it was the cool new thing.

19. “Bag your face!”

80s slang 19


This was a particularly cruel insult that high school kids of the 80s came up with when someone’s facial appearance left something to be desired

20. “Lame”

80s slang 20


This word is still widely used today, meant to describe something dull or unoriginal. For example, a boring party would be described as lame.

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Groovy 70’s Slang


If you’re anything like us here at FamilyWise, you have tons of fond memories of the 70s. With all those disco balls and funky bellbottoms, it’s no surprise that this decade is one of the most iconic in terms of music, art, and quirky sayings. If you’re looking for ways to spice up your vocabulary or even just in the mood for some soulful nostalgia, you’ve come to the right place.

Below we’ve compiled a list of some fabulous and most groovy 70s slang terms and phrases. Take it from us, you don’t want to miss out on these excellent sayings, sensational words, and hilariously nifty expressions.

Portrait of young hippy woman in sunglasses at festival

70s Slang to Remind You of Trippier Times

“Dream On”

You would say this to an overambitious individual, someone who’s made a statement outside the realm of what you might consider realistic. In other words, if you’ve got to get someone’s head out of the clouds, this is what you would say to them. Short and not so sweet, but it gets the point across.


This is another way of letting someone know you’ve tricked them or psyched them out.


This word would have been used to describe an unbelievable idea, something so unrealistic that it was mildly offensive. In modern terms, it’s the response equivalent of “Not cool, man,” or “That’s bogus.”


This is simply a cooler way of referring to someone’s home or apartment.

Modern Bedroom

“Lay a Gasser”

We try to keep our content pretty clean here at FamilyWise, so we’ll leave you to guess what this one might mean. (Hint: Think stink!)

“Can You Dig It?”

So maybe your algebra teacher never phrased the question this way when teaching you variables, but if they had back in the seventies, any student would have understood exactly what they meant. This saying was simply another way of asking, “Do you understand?” or “Do you get it?”

“I gotta skitty!”

If you’ve ever used the word skedaddle, then you already know the proper usage of this word. The phrase all together means, “I have to hurry,” or “I’ve gotta’ rush.”

man riding bicycle

“Keep on stepping”

If you wanted someone to “get outta’ here” or “keep it moving,” you would say this to them.

“Later days”

This was just another way of saying goodbye or farewell.

“Let’s blow this taco stand!”

You’re at a party with your friends. The music has gotten repetitive and the chips are stale. What’s the most creative way you can think of to say “Let’s get out of here.” That’s exactly what this phrase is for.

“Let’s blow up the cheese!”

People of the 70s must have just not enjoyed saying “Let’s leave,” or “Let’s get outta’ here,” so they had to come up with a bunch of different ways to say it.

“Peace, love, and granola”

The hippies of the day really lived up to their name with this one. Rather than say goodbye, they’d just say “Peace, love, and granola,” before parting.

Peace sign and three friends

“Peace out, home fry”

Apparently, referring to your friends as fast-food wouldn’t have earned you a bunch of weird looks back in the 1970s. This was just another way to say goodbye or “See you later.”

“Catch you on the flip-side”

This was just another way of saying “I’ll see you later,” but, like, in a cool way. We don’t know exactly what is on the flip-side, but it must be a pretty cool place for everyone wanting to catch each other there.

Woman enjoying new day

“Do me a Solid”

This saying is another way to ask someone for a favor. Our guess is that it sounds less like an imposition when you say it in a hip, offhand way like this. The saying is still used today, so you’ve probably heard it once or twice.

“What a Fry”

And we’re back to the fast-food references. Not that there’s anything inherently wrong with calling someone a french fry–I mean, they are pretty delicious–but back in the 70s, if this particular phrase was said to you, it meant that you were acting weird or strange.

silly family

“The Skinny”

This is just another way to refer to a quick rundown of events, so the next time someone says to you, “Give me the skinny,” what they’re actually asking for is a quick overview of the situation.

“Far Out”

Though we’re pretty sure this is still a widely-used saying, we’ll let you know what it means, anyway. If something is “far out,” it’s probably pretty cool.


If you were a cute girl in the 70s, you would’ve been considered a “bunny.” Don’t ask us why; we don’t exactly know.

Young brunette woman with retro and hippy style

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Totally Tubular 1980s Interior Design Trends


The 1980s were a time of gnarly outfits, big hair, and neon dreams. With all the over digitized music, cringy cat photoshoots, and laser wallpapers, it was truly a weird time. But let’s give those 80s artists and culture creators some credit where credit is due. We’d be lying if we said we weren’t still reaping the benefits of this particular brand of pop-culture–especially when it comes to interior design.

Here at FamilyWise, we recognize just how big of an impact this particular decade had. And it goes without saying that there is more to the 80s than meets the eye, but for now, we’ll just be focusing on the “what meets the eye” part. Below we’ve compiled 20 of both the raddest and whackiest 80s interior design trends of the decade for your quarantine enjoyment.

The Most Bodacious 1980s Interior Design Trends

1. Vertical Blinds



If you were to remember any particular 80s interior design trend the most, it’d probably be this one. Vertical blinds were the set standard for every suburban dream home back in the day, and if you grew up in the 80s, it’s more than likely you remember your parents getting overly frustrated with these things’ easy breakage and lack of adequate sunlight blockage.

2. Tiled Countertops



Though they technically became a prevalent trend in the 70s, tiled countertops booked their way into 80s homes as well. I mean, come on! What’s not to love? Who doesn’t enjoy putting in a little extra elbow grease to scrub grape juice stains out of the grout?

3. Honey Oak Cabinets



Your grandma’s house probably still looks a little bit like this–subbing the modern designer pots with cat cookie jars and feline porcelain memorabilia, of course. But if you’re anything like us here at FamilyWise, this hue definitely brings back more than a few distinct kitchen-related memories for you.

4. Glass Blocks



You thought we would forget about these trippy things? No way! Whether or not this interior design trend was intended to look this wonky or not, they were an extremely popular stylistic choice back in the day. Glass blocks were likely to show up anywhere in your typical 80s floorplan. The kitchen? No surprise there. Dining room? Absolutely. Even your typical suburban master bathroom wasn’t safe!

5. Heavy Curtains



If you were to sum up the 80s in one word, it would be over-the-top–which is ironic because that’s technically three words in one. Either way, it’s a perfect way to describe this particular interior design trend. Extravagant curtains were the exact opposite of those flimsy vertical blinds. You might even say the interior designers of the day overcompensated a little bit on both sides of the window covering spectrum.

6. Mauve



Back in the 80s, this was the color of every girl’s toy dollhouse–and actual house, for that matter. Sparked by the death of the famous painter Georgia O’Keefe, the mauve movement not only moved through the world of art but made a splash in the interior design sphere, as well. Whether it was you, your sister, your mother, or your grandmother, you probably knew someone whose room was absolutely drowning in this color.

7. Memphis-Milano Design



Okay, so we’ve got a few pretty gnarly interior design trends listed here, but this one definitely takes the cake. You might think it’s a bit of an acid trip to look at now, but these whacky geometric designs and odd color combos themed everything from TV shows like Saved By the Bell to everyday, household wallpapers back in the 80s. Believe it or not, Memphis Design was actually inspired by a conglomeration of eccentric Italian artists, Bob Dylan, and rainbows. Makes weird sense, don’t you think?

8. Etched Glass



Whether it was a decorative mirror hanging in your entryway or the revolving glass door to your office building, these odd (and sometimes downright weird) etchings were practically everywhere in the 80s. The designers of the day were most likely going for an elegantly stylistic vibe, and maybe it worked… for about six years. Now, we can look back and chuckle at the concept of mirrors specially designed to block your reflection and windows specially designed to block your view.

9. Carpeted Bathrooms



Believe it or not, these actually existed at one point in history. However, there’s no point in dwelling on the mistakes of the past. All we can do is move forward. But let’s take a moment of silence for those who did have to suffer through the era of carpeted toilet closets–gag. We would rather revert to outhouses than experience a resurgence of this particular trend, thank you very much!

10. Novelty Telephones



Before colorful iPhones were the apple of anyone’s eye–haha, get it?–these chunky at-home receivers were the coolest things around. Anyone who was anyone incorporated one of these once-enviable atrocities into their bedroom decor scheme. Holding a bright red upper lip to your ear while gossiping with your BFF and painting your nails on your bed was apparently the 80s adolescent epitome of cool.

11. Deco Art



As far as art goes, these pieces ain’t too bad in and of themselves. But when you hang something like this in a room with–let’s say–honey oak cabinets, an etched glass block wall, and/or heavy curtains over some vertical blinds, what you get is a modern interior designer’s worst nightmare, a feng shui travesty of the most epic proportions, a mockery of the very word art. (Okay, so maybe not that drastic, but you get the idea.)

12. Chintz



Princess Diana was wearin’ it. The whole neighborhood was upholsterin’ it. And you… you were probably just skimmin’ over the latest issue of Tiger Beat surrounded by it. Chintz was one of the more subtle 80s interior design trends, but it definitely had its shining moment in the suburban household spotlight.

13. Pastels



So this definitely isn’t the most cringe-worthy of interior design hallmarks on our list, but it’s got that distinct 80s feel. Pastels combined the neon craze of the time with some more toned-down, at-home aspects. Even so, it’s still a bit of a trip looking at a photo like this, especially if you were one of those pastel-loving 80s parents–or one of their children, for that matter.

14. Lacquer Furniture



If you thought you’d seen the last of this plastic sheen on furniture back in 1989, you were wrong. According to several design magazines and YouTube videos, lacquer furniture is making a strong comeback. Whether it’s all the vintage-loving Millenials looking for cheap, durable furniture designs or just pure nostalgia, this trend will forever remain a unique 80s creation in our book.

15. Bulky Entertainment Centers



They didn’t have flat screens yet, but with the wall space these monoliths occupied, they might as well have. Back in the 80s, the bigger your entertainment center was, the better. After all, it wasn’t real entertainment if it wasn’t framed by the plasticized remains of an entire tree.

16. Japanese Decor



Obviously, this is one of the more palatable trends on our list, and we’ll admit, it even looks nice. Props to the designers of the day that initiated the Zen movement and inspired this trend. It’s one of the very few redeeming qualities of the world of 1980s interior design.

17. American Gigolo Style



Richard Gere is pretty timeless, but this particular 1980s design trend with its over-the-top modernistic vibe and vague marble sculptures is not. Maybe in the next 50 years, it’ll make another comeback, but until then, we’d rather keep this in the movies.

18. Country Style



This was one of those trends that erupted and, to this day, hasn’t quite gone away. Maybe it was something about the old-western feel that toned down the neon spunkiness of the decade and reminded people of simpler times, but either way, it’s probably one of the more lasting interior design trends on our list.

19. Balloon Valances



Whether on your prom dress sleeves or on curtains, balloon valances were all the rage back in the 80s. You would think interior designers would have figured out how to decorate windows by then, but apparently no one had any better ideas than to bring bad fashion into the game.

20. Wallpaper Borders



As if the pastels and the carpeted bathrooms weren’t bad enough, these floral wallpaper borders quickly became the most normalized decorative details in the world. All in all, they’re pretty harmless, so it makes sense that they’d be the last decorative objects of ridicule on our list.

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