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8 Best Tennis Shoes For Kids – Complete Buying Guide

best tennis shoes for kids

When a child begins to learn how to play tennis, they will quickly notice the best shoes for their feet. Tennis players have to have a pair of best tennis shoes because they want to have more control over their shots and running around the court is easier with these types of best shoes for tennis.

It’s important that you’re not only picking out the best tennis shoes for your child but that you are getting the best fit. The best tennis shoes should be comfortable to play in and supportive of their feet. We all want our children to have the best equipment possible, so they can grow up loving the game! Here is the list of best tennis shoes for your kids.

8 Best Tennis Shoes For Kids

1. ASICS Gel-Resolution 8 

Asics is the only company that has put a lot of money into making shoes for kids. The GEL-Resolution 8 model is more advanced and is meant for kids who are older than 3. Does Gel-Resolution 8 have a bigger design that is good for kids ages 8 to 14? There is a good chance that the shoes aren’t very rough, because Asics didn’t cut corners when making them. There is also more comfort and stability than we thought. As a result, older kids can now play tennis on a wide range of courts. Finally, the price isn’t too high. That means the best kids’ tennis shoes don’t cost more than $70.

The Gel-Resolution tennis shoes have a mesh and synthetic upper that is one of their main selling points. As a result, stability is not in danger. Also, the ability to breathe is better.

Also, the best tennis shoes for kids have gel cushioning on the back of their feet. This helps the body absorb more shock. Your child will not have heel pain because of the gel cushioning on the back of their feet.

2. HEAD Unisex-Child Junior’s Revolt Pro 3.5

To be honest, Head junior tennis shoes are made for both boys and girls, and they come in a wide range of colors that look good on both. These junior tennis shoes are good for kids of all ages. While on the other hand, thanks to the design and materials of these best toddler tennis shoes, your child won’t feel any pain as he or she tries on different shoes. Furthermore, Head is a well-known manufacturer. That is why the shoe costs about $80. It would be a great gift for your young tennis star.

3. Babolat Jet March III

Babolat has also helped to make high-quality shoes for kids. So they can move more while they practice different shots on the court. There are a lot of good things about this sportswear company’s new tennis shoes, but they are very durable. They are made of strong materials. This set-up is the most comfortable and stable way to play tennis. Another thing to note: Children between the ages of four and twelve, which are small and big kids, can use the app, but it only works for them.

To start with, these are the best tennis shoes for kids because they have an EVA molded midsole for a comfortable fit. Another thing to note: The midsole of the shoe is the part that absorbs the most shock when you step on it.

4. Adidas Kids’ Courtjam X

It is a good choice for parents who can afford to let their kids wear expensive tennis shoes. I’m not saying that Courtjam X shoes are too pricey. They are, however, more expensive than other companies make. Adidas is, of course, the company that makes shoes. There is no one else who comes close to this brand’s comfort, stability, or shock absorption.

The best tennis shoes for kids have a synthetic and mesh upper that they can play in. This helped keep the feet as dry as possible by allowing more air to move through them.

5. Wilson Kids Unisex Rush Pro 2.5

Wilson’s kids’ tennis shoes can give your child more support and stability on a budget. That said, the shoes won’t be more than $75, which is good for everyone. Because of this, in terms of overall design, it is a pretty durable design for kids’ tennis shoes. It’s for this reason that I’d rather buy shoes for both boys and girls than just for boys.

Wilson’s tennis shoes for kids have a mesh upper with a synthetic leather overlay. It keeps the inside of the house dry and stable at the same time.

6. New Balance Kids 696v4

New Balance is the company that makes these shoes for kids. These new balance 696v4 tennis shoes are great for small and big kids who want to play tennis seriously and show off their amazing footwork skills. New Balance shoes will not let you down as a parent in terms of how well they are made for many years to come. Price-wise, though, it’s a good deal, too.

This is why these are the best tennis shoes for kids: They have a lightweight and cushioned EVA midsole. This makes it easier to do different moves with more power. In addition, the padded tongue in the upper helps keep the shoe in place.

7. Adidas Adizero Club K

For kids who want to improve their tennis game from a young age, this is the real deal. It’s for both boys and girls. That’s right. The Adizero Club K is one of the most comfortable kids’ tennis shoes on the market. They’ve chosen a design that’s good for both men and women to play. However, I will recommend these shoes to girls who want to be good at tennis by moving quickly on the court. For one thing, Adidas has a good deal on children’s tennis shoes. They can be yours for less than $50.

A textile-lined upper that is covered in mesh improves a child’s stability and comfort, making it easier for them to play. Mesh also helps the feet stay as dry as possible by letting air in.

8. Wilson Unisex-Child KAOS 3.0 Jr

Wilson is also very interested in the development of children’s shoes. KAOS 3.0 was made for kids ages 8 to 12. The shoes look good from a visual point of view. They can also give your child a tennis experience that lasts for a long time, but that’s not all. Finally, the price isn’t too high.

Wilson’s KAOS 3.0 junior tennis shoes have a synthetic top. It has a unique textile lining that helps it stay in place. So, the child can learn how to make aggressive shots in order to get the most points.

EVA is a material that is very light. Wilson’s midsole has cushioning technology in it. It can take a lot of shocks, especially in the heel and arch parts. In addition, the cushioned footbed adds to the comfort of the shoe’s bottom. So even if the child jumps to very high places, he or she isn’t shocked very hard.

Final thoughts

best tennis shoes for kids

So, that’s it. All the best tennis shoes for kids mentioned above are meant to offer you maximum satisfaction with their best possible features and price range. I hope my article will help you choose the best one as per your child’s playing needs and budget. If not, then feel free to let me know by leaving a comment below. I’ll be more than happy to help you out with the best tennis shoe reviews for kids. Stay healthy and play hard!

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