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Newborn Must-Haves: A Guide to Essential Baby Gear

Baby hygiene accessories on wooden background, top view

Welcoming a newborn into the family is an exciting and joyous occasion, but it also comes with the responsibility of ensuring that you have all the necessary items to care for your little one. From feeding to diapering and creating a safe sleep environment, the list of newborn must-haves can seem overwhelming. In this guide, we break down the essentials every new parent should consider to make the early days with a newborn smoother and more enjoyable.

  1. Crib or Bassinet:

Creating a safe and comfortable sleep space is a top priority for new parents. A sturdy crib or bassinet with a firm mattress and fitted sheets is essential. Make sure the sleep space adheres to safety standards, with no loose bedding or soft toys that could pose a risk to the baby.

  1. Car Seat:

A car seat is a non-negotiable item for safely transporting your newborn. Choose a rear-facing car seat that meets the latest safety standards. Many hospitals won’t allow you to leave without one, so it’s crucial to have this installed in your car well before your due date.

  1. Diapers and Wipes:

Stock up on diapers and wipes in various sizes. Whether you choose disposable or cloth diapers, having an ample supply ensures you’re well-prepared for those frequent diaper changes. Diaper rash cream and changing pads are also useful additions to your changing station.

  1. Baby Clothes and Swaddle Blankets:

Newborns grow quickly, so having a range of onesies, sleepers, and outfits in different sizes is practical. Swaddle blankets provide comfort and warmth, mimicking the cozy feeling of the womb and helping your baby sleep more soundly.

  1. Feeding Essentials:

Whether you’re breastfeeding or formula-feeding, there are essential items to consider. For breastfeeding, nursing bras, nipple cream, and a comfortable nursing pillow can be invaluable. Formula-feeding parents will need bottles, sterilizers, and formula. A bottle warmer can also make late-night feedings more convenient.

  1. Baby Bathtub:

Bathing a newborn requires a gentle touch and a suitable baby bathtub. Opt for a model with a contoured design to support your baby and make the experience enjoyable for both of you. Soft hooded towels and mild baby shampoo are also handy additions.

  1. Baby Monitor:

A reliable baby monitor provides peace of mind, allowing you to keep an eye (and ear) on your little one while they sleep. Choose a model with features like night vision and two-way communication for added convenience.

  1. Diaper Bag:

A well-equipped diaper bag is a parent’s best friend on outings. Ensure it has enough space for diapers, wipes, extra clothes, bottles, and any other essentials. Look for a design that suits your style and has convenient compartments for organization.

Diapers and Wipes Having plenty of diapers and wipes is crucial for all those inevitable diaper changes. Some good options are:



Feeding Supplies Whether you plan to breastfeed or formula feed, you’ll need bottles, burp cloths, formula if needed, and more:



Clothing and Bedding Stock up on the essentials like onesies, pajamas, socks and receiving blankets:



Bathing and Grooming Gentle baby wash, soft towels, thermometers and more help keep baby clean and healthy:


Healthcare and Safety Safety gear like baby monitors, gates and outlet covers help babyproof your home:



​Summary of newborn must haves:

  • Basic care items like diapers, wipes, clothes, blankets, crib, car seat, stroller etc. Clothing essentials include onesies, shirts, pants, pajamas, socks, hats.
  • Feeding supplies – bottles, formula if not breastfeeding, pump if pumping breast milk, burp cloths.
  • Bathing and grooming supplies – baby wash/shampoo, towels, nail clippers and files, thermometer, medicine kit etc.
  • Safety items like baby monitors, outlet covers, gates etc. A healthcare/grooming kit can come handy.
  • Comfort items like swaddles, pacifiers, white noise machine if baby has trouble sleeping. A baby carrier lets you stay hands-free.

Some key things that expecting moms need are maternity/nursing clothes, nipple cream, nursing pads, peri bottle, postpartum care essentials etc.

For first time moms, taking an online childbirth class, getting a convertible car seat, and making a postpartum care plan with their doctor are good ideas