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Captivating Cartoon Character Names for Your Baby Boy and Girl

cartoon baby names

Surprising as it may sound, considering a cartoon character’s name for your baby is not as uncommon as one might think. In fact, cartoons offer a treasure trove of distinctive and recognizable names. Whether you’re drawn to the iconic protagonists from beloved Disney movies or the spirited companions that steal the show, the perfect baby name might just be a click away. Embracing a cartoon-inspired name can add a touch of whimsy and familiarity to your child’s identity, connecting them to cherished characters and stories that have left an indelible mark on popular culture. So, don’t dismiss the idea too quickly – your baby’s name could be inspired by a character that brings joy and nostalgia to your heart. ​

Boy Names:

  1. Dexter:
    • Meaning: Skilled or right-handed.
    • Show: Dexter’s Laboratory
  2. Arthur:
    • Meaning: Bear or noble.
    • Show: Arthur
  3. Finn:
    • Meaning: Fair or white.
    • Show: Adventure Time
  4. Leo:
    • Meaning: Lion.
    • Show: Little Einsteins
  5. Milo:
    • Meaning: Soldier or merciful.
    • Show: Fish Hooks
  6. Aladdin:
    • Meaning: Nobility of faith.
    • Show: Aladdin: The Animated Series
  7. Ezra:
    • Meaning: Helper.
    • Show: Star Wars Rebels
  8. Oliver:
    • Meaning: Olive tree.
    • Show: Oliver and Company
  9. Max:
    • Meaning: Greatest.
    • Show: Max and Ruby
  10. Tobias (Toby):
    • Meaning: God is good.
    • Show: Thomas & Friends

Girl Names:

  1. Elsa:
    • Meaning: Noble.
    • Show: Frozen
  2. Aria:
    • Meaning: Air or melody.
    • Show: Pretty Little Liars (not a cartoon, but an inspiration)
  3. Cora:
    • Meaning: Maiden or heart.
    • Show: The Legend of Tarzan
  4. Mia:
    • Meaning: Mine or belonging to me.
    • Show: Mia and Me
  5. Nina:
    • Meaning: Little girl or dreamer.
    • Show: Nina’s World
  6. Ivy:
    • Meaning: Ivy plant.
    • Show: Batman: The Animated Series
  7. Luna:
    • Meaning: Moon.
    • Show: Sailor Moon
  8. Aurora:
    • Meaning: Dawn.
    • Show: Sleeping Beauty (inspiration)
  9. Ruby:
    • Meaning: Ruby gemstone.
    • Show: Ruby Gloom
  10. Zara:
    • Meaning: Princess or flower.
    • Show: Shimmer and Shine

These names are not only meaningful but also evoke memories of beloved characters from various animated shows and movies.

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